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Lao Services Portal is a website that contains all information related to trades and investment in services in the Lao PDR. In this website users will be able to find: legal documents, measures, procedures, forms, services commitments, news, publications and other information related to trades and investment which users can view or download into their own computer.

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Luangnamtha Province to Become New Regional Transport Hub
Laos’s northern province of Luangnamtha is poised to become a regional transport hub with investment in a dry port, leveraging its strategic location. The province is expected to serve as a prime site for an international trade center for the country after the construction of a 414-km railway from China into Laos at the Boten border checkpoint is complete.
Retail price of face masks has been set to keep the price at a level that people on low incomes can afford.
Ministry of industry and commerce issued the Notice No. 142, dated 07 February 2020, setting the retail price of three-layer masks at a maximum of 25,000 kip for a box of 50, while a single mask must not be sold for more than 1,000 kip.
Laos Suspends Visas at Checkpoints Bordering China
The Consular Department of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs has issued a Notice no. 278/CD.1, dated 02 February 2020 to temporarily suspend the issuance of tourist visas to those entering the Lao PDR from China, commencing 02 February 2020 until further notice.

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