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This page contains links to the websites of other organizations or institutions.  

By clicking on the links below you will be directed to an external website.  The Lao Services Portal is not responsible for the content of these websites.

Lao Government Websites

  1. Bank of Lao PDR
  2. Lao Government
  3. Lao National Chamber of Commerce and Industry
  4. Lao National Committee for Special Economic Zone
  5. Lao Trade Portal 
  6. Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry
  7. Ministry of Education
  8. Ministry of Finance
  9. Ministry of Foreign Affairs
  10. Ministry of Health 
  11. Ministry of Industry and Commerce
  12. Ministry of Industry and Commerce - Foreign Trade Policy Department
  13. Ministry of Information Culture and Tourism
  14. Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment
  15. Ministry of Planning and Investment
  16. Ministry of Post and Telecommunications
  17. Ministry of Public Work and Transportation
  18. Ministry of Science and Technology
  19. National Assembly of the Lao People's Democratic Republic
  20. Official Gazette Ministry of Justice
  21. Small and Medium Sized Enterprise Promotion and Development office
  22. Tax Department
  23. Trade and Product Promotion Department
  24. Department of Planning and Cooperation - Trade for Development

International Organizations Websites

  1. Association of South East Asian Nations (ASEAN)
  2. European Commission – Trade
  3. European Union Export Help Desk
  4. World Bank - Trade
  5. World Trade Organization (WTO)
  6. WTO Services Gateway
  7. WTO/WB I-TIP Services database

Websites related to Trade in Services from other countries

  1. ASEAN Trade Repository
  2. Brunei Darussalam National Trade Repository
  3. Indian Trade Portal
  4. Indonesia National Trade Repository
  5. Malaysia National Trade Repository
  6. Myanmar National Trade Portal
  7. National Trade Repository of Cambodia
  8. Philippine National Trade Repository
  9. Singapore National Trade Repository
  10. Thailand National Trade Repository
  11. The Kingdom of Lesotho Trade Portal
  12. Vietnam National Trade Repository



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